There was a Centering Prayer Deepening Retreat last May 4 to May 6, 2018 at St. Scholastica’s Center for Spirituality in Tagaytay City. Twelve participants attended the event wherein they had an opportunity to observe more periods of interior and exterior silence, as well as watch a few formational videos on the spiritual journey, and Fr. Keating’s story, “A Rising Tide of Silence”.

Staffing the retreat were Betty Florendo, Billie Trinidad and Herbie Aquino.

An Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop sponsored by the San Antonio CPG was held last May 7 at Santuario de San Antonio parish. This was at the invitation specifically by member, Doris See, for her classmates from St. Theresa’s College. Staffing the workshop were the members of the San Antonio CPG who also provided lunch and merienda for the workshop participants.

At the end of the workshop, the following members shared their experience of the fruits of Centering Prayer in their lives: Dedette Gamboa for Service, Nancy Gonewai for Relationships, and Chickie Ferraren for Personal Growth.
The workshop participants are planning to form their own CPG with Doris facilitating the group.

An Introductory Retreat on Centering Prayer was held on Mar 9 to 11, 2018 at St. Scholastica’s Center for Spirituality in Tagaytay City. There were 24 participants, among whom were 7 seminarians, and 3 who had attended previous retreats but wanted to deepen their experience of it. The talk on the True Self/False Self had the most impact among the retreatants while the one on Relationship with God seemed to draw the seminarians into a deeper kind of reflection. All agreed that it was a grace-filled weekend.

Charit Montalban was retreat directress. Staffing the retreat were Betty Florendo and Herbie Aquino. At the end of the retreat, Betty and Dedette Gamboa shared with the group their personal experience regarding the fruits of centering prayer.

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There were 2 Recollections given to COP members in March for the purpose of giving them a better understanding of the spiritual journey as taught by Fr. Thomas Keating, especially Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina. Both Recollections were given by Ms. Lita Salinas, Formator of COP, at Santuario de San Antonio parish.

The first Recollection was for the Circle of Service which was on March 1, 2018; the second one was for the CPG Heads and members on March 19, 2018. A lively engagement and discussion among the attendees followed the talks which everyone found inspiring and compelling. Such an encouraging spiritual “shot in the arm” helped deepen one’s experience of the contemplative life.


Once again COP members gathered as a community to reiterate their commitment to the vision and mission of Contemplative Outreach during this year’s Recommitment Day on Jan. 27, 2018. A contemplative Mass concelebrated by Fr. Manny Domingo, COP spiritual adviser, and Msgr. “Monsi” Atilano was held at Our Lady’s Chapel, Don Bosco parish, after which the spiritual practice of “taking a stand” was done by each of the Mass attendees. This beautiful practice is a legacy of the late Fr. Basil Pennington who introduced it as one way of helping us grow in our spiritual journey.

After the Mass, the community proceeded to Roozen Hall for some Recommitment activities and fellowship. Susan Rivera and Jhulie Teh emceed the program which started with brief opening remarks by Tess Colayco of the Circle of Service. Essentially it was a reminder to be faithful to our daily practice of centering prayer and lectio divina, to live the contemplative dimension of the Gospel, and to support the vision and mission of Contemplative Outreach. This year’s theme is “Discovering, Recovering and Renewing our Christian Contemplative Tradition”, the theme of last year’s CO Annual Conference in Denver, U.S.A. A message from Sr. Fionualla Quinn, CO International Chapters head, was also read.

Don Bosco Parish priest, Fr. Renato “Degz” de Guzman then gave a brief inspirational message during which he warmly welcomed COP again to the parish. Reiterating the importance of contemplative living, Fr. Degz mentioned the fact that Our Lady is the perfect contemplative who combined prayer and action in her life. So was St. John Bosco who worked tirelessly in his ministry with the youth. To the question: “When did St. John Bosco pray since he was always engaged in working with young people?” The answer is: “His work was prayer…. A contemplative is a person who sees God in everything.” A pre-requisite for living such a life is silence and solitude.

As in past Recommitment Days, the heads of the different Circles of Service reported on the previous year’s activities as well as their plans for the coming year. (Pls. refer to schedule of workshops and retreats, and Formation classes in Calendar of Events page.) The different centering prayer groups were then introduced with some of the heads sharing some interesting information regarding their groups. It was heartwarming to see the different CPG’s relating warmly to each other, sharing similar experiences, and encouraging one another in their contemplative journey.

A hearty packed lunch followed the “business” part of the program, punctuated with some COP-related group games that were creatively planned and well-executed by the program emcees, Susan and Julie. As a proper ending to the day’s event, the Recommitment Prayer was said by the whole community led by Billie Trinidad. In her closing remarks, Billie said that we must carry the light of Christ within us in our daily interactions, and practice, practice, practice centering prayer that we may discover, recover and renew the Christian dimension of the Gospel. With renewed hearts we live our commitment to be transformed thru the grace of God, and allow ourselves to become His instruments of transformation in the world.

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Fr. Manny Domingo, SDB, spiritual adviser of COP has a new assignment in his priestly ministry – that of serving the OFW’s in Galicia, Spain, and the Filipino pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, a holy place where Fr. Manny has been to in the past few years doing the whole route of the pilgrimage himself. He will be staying near the Cathedral at the Salesian Community House where he will be with his brother Don Bosco priests. With complete openness and obedience to God’s calling, Fr. Manny is looking forward to a beautiful, joyous and fruitful stay in Santiago de Compostela where he will be serving God’s people starting in mid-March. Vaya con Dios, Fr. Manny! COP will miss you but we are happy for you as you embark on this exciting chapter in your life, consenting fully to God’s presence and action in your life.